CORONAVIRUS: (COVID-19) Update:01 Draft

CORONAVIRUS: (COVID-19) Update:01 Draft

Although Government and Professional bodies have provided some Guidance for Estate Agents, click our Documents choice on top right bar, it is amended most weeks so at present we have produced below our Procedures bearing in mind all the Guidance from the different sources.


Prospective Viewers will confirm to Hylton Hill that they have viewed all the respective property details including photo's, floor plans and video's on our Website by EMAIL before a Viewing Appointment is arranged.

Once the above has been confirmed, the Prospective Viewer will by EMAIL confirm that:
You are not in the at risk category as outline by Government
You or anyone in your household are not symptomatic
You or anyone in your household previously tested positive and have since recovered

More than one viewer at a time will not be allowed so if you require a partner, relative or friend to attend also you must make us aware of it before the Appointment is made.

Thereafter Hylton Hill will propose a Date and Time.


The Viewing Appointment for a VACANT/ UNOCCUPIED property the procedure will be:

The Viewer must travel to the Property using their own transport.

The Viewer must await their Appointment Time as another viewer maybe already viewing the Property.

As Social Distancing is required, You will stand back by 2 Meters (6ft) from the Agent when he unlocks the Front Door.

Then the Agent only will enter the Property and check that all the internal doors and windows are wide open.

Then the Agent will return outside to you, the prospective viewer.

Thereafter the Agent will request that you enter the Property and NOT to touch anything in the Property including door handles.
As a prompt for you, you may want to take a video or photos of the Property so that you can refer to them regarding your queries at a later date.

Once you have viewed all the Rooms you will return outside where the Agent will be waiting for you at the required distance.

You will then stand back at the required distance while the Agent will re-enter the Property and check the Rooms, close windows and thereafter lock the Front Door.

Rather than the prospective viewer and the Agent inadvertently breaching the Social Distance outside the Property, you the viewer will leave the Appointment and thereafter email your questions to the Agent regarding the Property.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The viewer must provide their own PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) which should include Face Covering, Gloves and Hand Sanitiser. And a Ballpoint Pen with black ink.

The Viewing of an OCCUPIED Property where there is someone living in the Property the procedure will be: